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What:   "Santas Secret" was derived from the most important and recognizable icon of Christmas as "Santa Claus" himself. Keeping with the intrigue and magic of Christmas, we added "Secret." Santas Secret patented products are all very fitting to the name. Cute and traditional Christmas designs, yet "secretly" providing clever function and fun. We dare you to find any other product in its class even comparable!
Who: We are a small privately owned and funded company in Mesa, Arizona USA (nearby Phoenix) est. in 1998. Our professional staff is all highly trained and knowledgable in the area of Christmas Tree harvesting, transport, and care. We've maintained our original staff since our humble beginnings with a combined 75 years experience in farming, marketing, design, engineering, and customer service skills. We relentlessly strive to keep your worries minimal with fully tested and pre-assembled designs that are fun, easy-to-use, and reliable for many years to come. If there is ever a time you feel we have not done our absolute best for your needs, we invite you to let us know...and we will make it right.
Why: 21st Century Christmas pace is hectic...shopping, shopping, and more shopping...technology runs our lives everywhere...information overloads with e-mails, voicemails, and cell phones... Yet we yearn for more time, more balance, more harmony and a return to childhood days gone by. Wow, it's long overdue to put fun and convenience back into Christmas—beginning with the "real fresh cut" Christmas Tree. Who doesn't have a story on how "inconvenient" the tree has become-simply because we can't seem to keep it watered...? With Santas Secret, your are buying convenience, peace of mind, and reliability.
How: Our beginnings launched in 1998 when the very first traditional black Santa Boots® tree waterer caught the eye of QVC television agents. After three weeks notice we were "live" on-air with our first ever sellout. From those humble beginnings, we've expanded every season with countless testimonies and referrals. We continue to introduce new innovative products for our rapidly growing customer base. In 2005, we are proud to debut our advanced Light Emiting Diode (LED) light strings. Providing water to the tree is just part of the picture. With cool running energy-wise LED products, you can now further enhance your 'fresh-cut' tree experience by significantly preventing early tree dryout. Best of all, they last nearly 100,000 hours or 99 years. Forget about every changing another light bulb again, Period!
Where: Santas Secret is sold and shipped anywhere around the world in major catalogs and television retailers as well as this website. Santas Secret is designed, copyrighted, trademarked, and patented in the USA. Neutek-USA retains full exclusive rights to this product. Licensing is available upon request.
Charity: We're always delighted to help in charitable and fund raising causes. Just drop us a note by e-mail.

If there's something still inconvenient about Christmas, Santas Secret is next working on a solution just for you. Santas Secret is a subsidiary of Neutek-USA, a full product development company. Please visit Neutek-USA.com


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